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Oil Change Service

Help, I’m Due for My Honda B1 Service!

What’s Involved in the Honda B1 Service? You love your Honda! Fuel efficient and powerful, packed with tech and comfort, it’s the best vehicle you’ve ever owned. And you’re going to keep it in peak condition by getting its maintenance completed on time, every time. And now, you’ve just received a Maintenance Minder message for

The right way to check your tire pressure.

How to Check Your Tire Pressure

How to Check Your Tire Pressure Routine checkups at Jay Wolfe Honda keep your vehicle working trouble-free. But whether you drive a Honda Civic, Ridgeline, Accord, Pilot, or otherwise, there are a few things you need to do on your own between visits to the service department. One of those things you should know is

The Best Honda Oil Change is at the Jay Wolfe Honda

On your way to work, the Service Due Now message pops up on your instrument cluster display. You remember now – a couple weeks ago, the Service Due Soon message came up but you forgot about it. It’s a good thing Honda’s Maintenance Minder System has your back. What you need now is to get

When Do Honda Brakes Need to Be Changed?

Driving through Kansas City, your Honda Civic’s brakes squeal every time you come to a stop sign. Or slowing down on the freeway, your Honda Odyssey’s steering wheel shakes violently like it’s trying to escape your grip. It might be when you’re attempting to come to a stop with your Honda Ridgeline with a boat

Keep Your Honda at its Best with Maintenance Minder

Routine oil and filter changes, tire rotations, and regular multi-point vehicle inspections. Spark plug replacement, fluid changes, and air filter replacement. Your Honda vehicle requires maintenance to keep it working at its best. And to make servicing your Honda as easy as can be, Honda has built new models with the Maintenance Minder system. What

If the Leaves are Changing, Think About Winter Car Care

It’s undeniable. The crunch of leaves under foot, the golden, red, and orange colors hanging onto the tips of tree limbs, and the first threats of overnight frost signal a change. It’s soon going to be getting cold. Whether you like it or not, it’s something you’ll have to deal with. And between raking leaves,

How to Maintain Your Honda Resale Value

Honda cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans are well-known for their dependability and efficiency. From the Honda Civic to the Accord Hybrid and the Honda Pilot to the CR-V, you won’t find a better group of vehicles with the name nameplate. Naturally, that means their resale value is higher than average. But how can you ensure

Your Source for Honda Accessories of All Kinds

You own a Honda. As fantastic as it is right off the showroom floor, you want to make it personal. The car you drive should reflect your personality and your style, and that can be tough to do when so many people choose Honda. If you’re looking to individualize your Honda, do it with Honda

The Benefits of a Routine Oil Change

Honda’s Maintenance Minder system is a fantastic tool for minimizing the maintenance costs for your new Honda. It uses your Honda’s sensor inputs to calculate the best time for an oil change based on your usage. It includes the mileage you’ve driven, your idle time, the outside temperature, and many other criteria to predict the

How Does Your Honda Cooling System Work?

Engines generate a lot of heat. It’s easy to see why – it’s essentially a system of controlled explosions in each cylinder. WIthout a system to regulate the engine’s temperature, irreversible damage would result in a very, very short time. That’s why you Honda has a cooling system. Here’s what your Honda cooling system is

How to Get the Best Fuel Mileage

You’ve chosen wisely – Honda vehicles are known to be among the best in fuel mileage. For years, the Honda Civic, Fit, Accord, and CR-V have been recognized as fuel-sipping cars and SUVs. If your Honda’s fuel mileage seems to be slipping, it might be a simple maintenance issue. These are a few things to