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The 2018 Honda Fit is Refreshed – Here’s What’s New

The Honda Fit is in its tenth year and it’s still consistently winning awards. And despite its long run of success, it’s time for a facelift. The 2018 Honda Fit simply improves upon an already amazing subcompact hatchback.   What’s New for the 2018 Honda Fit For the new model year, the Honda Fit gets

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2017 Honda Fit is a Cool Customer

Don’t take our word for it – Kelley Blue Book has named the 2017 Honda Fit one of the 10 Coolest Cars under $18,000. But if you are familiar with the Honda Fit at all, that should come as no surprise. It’s an awesome, compact design, rich with features and equipment, and fun to drive

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The Magic Seats Available with the 2016 Honda Fit

2016 Honda Fit The 2016 Honda Fit is a comfortable and versatile subcompact with great gas mileage and seating for five. But what really makes the Fit stand out is its incredible storage capacity. This small car can store so much that it will seem like magic. And that’s exactly what it is. The “Magic

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The 2016 Honda Fit Is a Small Car with Big Dreams

2016 Honda Fit The 2016 Honda Fit may be a small car, but it’s capable of big things. The car is unchanged since last year’s model, but why mess with what already works? A stylish subcompact, not only does it have seating for five, but the hatchback gives it a surprising amount of cargo space.

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The 2016 Honda Fit, perfecting a stellar sedan

The 2015 Honda Fit redesign was a phenomenal hit, so unsurprisingly the 2016 Honda Fit is not a huge deviation from the 2015 model in terms of engine, capability, and overall design. Instead this year’s release focuses on working out the kinks and improving quality. In keeping with the mild changes, the manufacturer suggested retail