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Pack the Pick Up for Harvesters

Pack the Pickup for Harvesters

When you sit down to your Thanksgiving Day feast, what are you thankful for? Of course, you’re thankful for your friends and your crazy family, the incredible spread on the table you’re about to enjoy, the new Honda you have parked in the driveway. But there are people right here in your community that don’t

Does Divorce Affect Your Credit Rating?

Next stop: Splitsville. In the United States, half of all marriages end in divorce. That’s a sobering statistic, and one that changes the face of the modern family. But when a marriage ends, there’s more that happens than just a relationship ending. It reaches every part of your life together, and that includes finances. But

The Honda Dealer, Your Automotive Support Network

Have you ever felt like you were all alone to deal with your car? When you buy a car from some places, you are on your own. It’s up to you to keep track of your maintenance and repairs, and you can forget about a friendly face after the sale is complete. But when you

In the Spirit of Memorial Day

Every year, on the last Monday in May, the calendar is marked with a very special day: Memorial Day. A large part of the population uses Memorial Day to mark the beginning of summer, but that’s not what it’s all about. Memorial Day is a reminder that we live in a free country. We exercise

Why are Honda Recalls Issued?

In today’s world of automotive technology, there has been an increased focus on safety and reliability. Methods of testing components and vehicles have been developed that were never available before. And because of it, car makers are finding flaws in their products that would otherwise go unnoticed. This is where most Honda recalls come from.

Should I Lease or Finance my Honda?

Choosing a Honda was the easy decision. You’re joining the ranks of Honda owners worldwide who not only love their vehicles but enjoy the most efficient and dependable cars on the road today. But now comes a more challenging decision: Do you lease or finance your Honda? The choice to lease or finance may be

Make Your Test Drive Count!

You’ve narrowed down your choices, and you’re checking out a Honda right now. Maybe it’s the best-selling Civic or the amazing Accord. It could be the family-sized Odyssey, the CR-V or the Pilot. But now that you have it narrowed down, it’s time for the test drive. There’s so much to discover in your potential

Things Your Teen Driver Needs to Know

If you’ve reached the stage in life where your teen is getting behind the wheel of a car, get ready for more gray hair. It’s daunting, life-changing, stress-inducing, and sleep-depriving. With a toolbox only half-full of driving skills, a greenhorn teen driver is more likely to get into troublesome situations when navigating the road. Take

Making a Difference with Green Beret Foundation

At Jay Wolfe Honda, we love to express our appreciation and gratitude to the people who keep us safe. Our veterans have sacrificed so much to give us our freedom. They give up time spent with their loved ones and put themselves in harm’s way so we can live in peace and security. It’s not just

Pair Your Phone with HondaLink Connectivity

Distracted driving laws are constantly being beefed up, and it’s no wonder. Up to 80 percent of traffic collisions involve driving distractions of some form or another, often because the driver has a cell phone in their hand. But that won’t be you because your Honda has HondaLink Connectivity, and you can use handsfree functions for

Habits Good Drivers Avoid

Do you consider yourself a good driver? Most of us do. The problem tends to be that most people don’t think that their bad habits and distractions can cause others issues on the road. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, though. Consider these items that good drivers avoid, then ask yourself this question once