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How Does Honda ECON Mode Work?

When you buy a Honda vehicle, you’re well on your way to enjoying a fuel-efficient ownership experience. When you get in the driver’s seat, though, one little button might stand out to you. It’s just four letters – E-C-O-N. Press it, and it turns on ECON Mode. But what does that do for you?  What

Honda LED Headlights

How Much Can My Honda Tow?

Summer is boating and camping season in the United States, and winter is for snowmobiling in the northern climate. If you’re going to be pulling a trailer, you need a vehicle that is properly equipped and rated to tow your equipment. Which Honda models are rated to pull a trailer, and how much can your

Electronic Brake

How to Use Electronic Parking Brake and Brake Hold

What Electronic Parking Brake and Brake Hold Are About New Honda models are packed with innovative features. Some are for your convenience and others are for your safety. If your Honda car, truck, SUV, or minivan is equipped with Electronic Parking Brake or Brake Hold, it touches on both points! Do you know how to

Honda in Driveway

How to Use HomeLink in Your New Honda

How HomeLink Works You’ve snagged yourself a fantastic deal on a Honda model – a fun-loving Civic, commuter-friendly Accord Hybrid, tough-as-nails Ridgeline, or some other Honda. And just like you expected, it’s very well equipped. You have Bluetooth, a rear-view camera, a sunroof, plenty of power features, and a bangin’ sound system. But what are

Honda Radio

How to Find the Honda Radio Code

How to Easily Find Your Honda Radio Code You’ve just changed your Honda’s battery and fire up the engine for the first time. It runs fine, but the interior is eerily silent. Then you notice on the radio four letters: CODE. You haven’t seen that before, but it certainly has something to do with the

Car Broke Down

What Happens When I Call Honda Roadside Assistance?

There’s a problem, and you need help. It could be a wide range of problems: your Honda CR-V has a flat tire, your Honda Civic suddenly stalled on the highway, you’ve run out of gas on your way to work, or something else. You know you need to call Honda Roadside Assistance, but what happens

Which Honda Models Have All Wheel Drive?

Let’s face it, road conditions aren’t always the best they can be. Whether it’s sun or snow, sleet or wind, you could find yourself in a situation where you could lose traction. Losing traction is never good, especially when you’re in busy traffic. Plus, you don’t want to lose control when you have your family

Is It Safe to Use Cruise Control in the Winter?

When you’re buying a car in today’s automotive market, most vehicles are equipped with cruise control. It’s true for Honda also. Cruise control is a fantastic feature that serves multiple functions: to keep your speed constant as you drive, to reduce fuel consumption by maintaining a consistent throttle position, and to prevent driver fatigue. Cruise

How Apple CarPlay Works with Your Honda

Perhaps the most popular smartphone in the world is the Apple iPhone. With fantastic calling, messaging, and connectivity features, it only makes sense that it can integrate with your Honda. It does so with Apple CarPlay. Many Honda models have Apple CarPlay either standard equipment or in an available package. But what can it do?