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What You’ll Find at Our Honda Dealership in Kansas City

What Makes Up Our Honda Dealership in Kansas City Searching for a local car dealer in KCMO? We get it. You need a dealership that has the full meal deal. There’s no need to jump around, finding the best deal to purchase then searching for another Honda dealer to service your new vehicle. You can

Stuck in a High Interest Car Loan? Here’s What You Can Do

It sucks to pay more than you have to. But in some cases, you put on your big-boy pants and do what’s necessary. That’s usually how people get stuck in a high interest car loan. It’s stuff like spending indiscretions on a credit card from years ago, getting laid off and missing bill due dates,

What Does the Honda Dealership Offer?

You’ve heard great things about Honda. They’re reliable, efficient, and you know firsthand that they look fantastic. From what you see online and on the lot, there’s a Honda model for pretty much everyone – trucks, SUVs, cars, and even a minivan. But if you buy a Honda, what support do you have? What does

Does My Honda Really Need an Extended Warranty?

Wherever you drive, you don’t see Honda vehicles parked at the side of the road with their hazard lights on. A major reason people like yourself choose to buy a Honda is because of their reliability. It’s one of the brands that’s most recognized for a low cost of ownership and superb dependability. So, when

What Is Negative Equity?

You’re dream car was just released! The Honda Civic Type R, the new Honda Accord – whatever it is, it has you super excited to get in the driver’s seat. The trouble is that you just bought a car not too long ago. A vehicle you bought a couple years or a few months ago

Maximize Your Trade In Value With These Tips

Buying a new Honda is fun and exciting. You’re looking at a vehicle with some of the latest features on the market, a brand that emphasizes safety, and has a reputation of being incredibly dependable and efficient. But unless you’re buying your first car, you have a vehicle that you’ll want to include in the

Don’t Get Duped by Cars with Flood Damage!

Hurricane Harvey swept into the Houston area in late August 2017, bringing with it day after day of pounding rain. Whole neighborhoods were flooded with several feet of water. An estimated half a million cars were damaged in Hurricane Harvey’s wake. And now, months later, some cars with flood damage are making their way back

Bad Credit Can Happen to Good People

It can happen to anybody. You’ve decided to make a major purchase and you get the bad kind of surprise. The house you want to buy, the new car you’ve chosen, the credit card you’ve applied for: you aren’t approved. You have bad credit. You might not have seen it coming, and it might not

Three Reasons to Choose Honda Financial Services

Shopping at Jay Wolfe Honda takes the stress out of buying a new or used car. Whether you’ve settled on a new Honda Civic, CR-V, or Ridgeline or decide you’d prefer to buy a used car, Jay Wolfe Honda has all the bases covered. And when you want to discover the best way to take

Can a Car Loan Help Repair Bad Credit?

You aren’t alone. In the United States, one out of every three people has a credit rating below ‘Good’. That means if you don’t have bad credit, one of the neighbors on either side of your house probably does. It’s a widespread issue, and its cause can be as unique as the people that have

Back To School: Ways to Save Money with Your Honda

The kids are heading back to the classrooms which means one thing: they’ve emptied your wallets. School supplies, field trips, after-school clubs, and sports teams are expensive. You need to find a few ways to rein in the costs so you can maintain some sort of life aside from your children. At Jay Wolfe Honda,