How to Handle Your Honda Lease Return in Kansas City

A fun to drive Honda Civic, a family-oriented Honda Odyssey, a rugged Honda Pilot. A Honda lease offers flexible options for ownership that you can enjoy either short-term or for several years. But when you’ve reached the time for your Honda lease return, what are the possibilities?

Honda Lease Return Options

When you’re within the final six months of your Honda Leadership Lease, explore what you’d like to do. These are your options.

As your Honda lease nears its maturity, think about what you’d like to do next. For many lessees, the newest Honda model is on their radar. At Jay Wolfe Honda, we’ll help you determine if you qualify for any Loyalty benefits. You may be eligible to return your lease early and get into a new model.

Whether you can’t bear to part with the Honda you’ve enjoyed for your lease term or you have gone beyond the mileage allowance, buying out your lease is a popular option. With competitive financing rates and convenient terms, a Honda lease buyout takes advantage of Honda Financial Services. We’ll help you navigate the transition between leasing and ownership.

If you’ve made the decision to simply return your Honda Leadership Lease at maturity, we’ll guide you through it. You’ll be responsible for any charges beyond your mileage allotment and beyond the normal usage in the Excessive Wear and Use and Damage Waiver. You’ll also miss out on Loyalty benefits too.

Whatever you choose, Jay Wolfe Honda is happy to help you navigate your Honda Lease Return. Call, stop in or contact us online to explore your lease return options with one of our leasing specialists.

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