What’s Included in a Honda Oil Change?

Routine oil changes are essential to your Honda vehicle’s long-term health and maintenance. You should change your oil between every 3,000 and possibly even 8,000 miles, depending on the age of your vehicle. For most newer Honda models, the Maintenance Minder system gives you reminders directly on your instrument cluster too.  Not receiving regular oil changes can result in your engine overheating and seizing up since oil lubricates and cools down your car’s components. So, when you bring in your car for a Honda oil change, what can you expect? Take a look at how we service your vehicle, and ensure it’s prepared to last for the long haul. 

Checking Your Levels and Draining the Oil

We’ll have one of our factory-trained technicians look at the state of your oil and the actual oil levels. We’ll lift your Honda, remove the oil pan drain plug, and drain the old oil. We’ll be sure to look at your engine and consider the manufacturer’s specifications to select the correct oil for the next stage in the process. 

Replacing the Oil Filter 

Oil filters are another crucial element in ensuring your engine works properly. Oil filters can remove things that harm your engine, like dirt or larger particles. If the oil filter has become too dirty or clogged with debris and sludge, it cannot properly filter. Therefore, one of our expert technicians will replace the old filter with a clean one. 

Adding in the New Oil 

Now, it’s time to replace your Honda’s drain plug and add the new oil. The type of oil used will depend on the kind of engine you have as well as the manufacturer’s specifications. For example, a car with an older engine and higher mileage might benefit from a high-mileage oil where newer cars, especially with turbocharged engines, will use synthetic or synthetic-blend oils. Different oil types include conventional and full-synthetic. Conventional oil normally flows slower than synthetic, and it’s primarily used for lubricating the internal engine parts of older cars. Synthetic oil is refined more thoroughly and contains additives that provide more protection against corrosion and wear in the engine. A synthetic blend combines properties of both full-synthetic and conventional. In addition to changing your oil, we also offer a Connected Lounge, where you can enjoy fast internet while you wait, whether you need it for work or play.  Schedule an appointment today if you’re ready for your next Honda oil change.