Help, I’m Due for My Honda B1 Service!

What’s Involved in the Honda B1 Service?

You love your Honda! Fuel efficient and powerful, packed with tech and comfort, it’s the best vehicle you’ve ever owned. And you’re going to keep it in peak condition by getting its maintenance completed on time, every time. And now, you’ve just received a Maintenance Minder message for your Honda B1 service. What’s that all about? Of course, Honda’s Maintenance Minder system is the best way to ensure all your scheduled maintenance is done when it should be. Big or small, it tells you everything that your Honda needs to keep it running smoothly. Here’s what is included in the Honda B1 service.

Oil and Filter Change

Just like when you have an A service due, it calls for you to replace engine oil on your Honda. But this oil service is a little different because it also includes an oil filter replacement. The oil change portion – the B part of your Honda B1 service – is determined based on engine operating conditions, not mileage. Regardless if the message comes up or not, make sure the oil and filter change is completed at least every 12 months.

Mechanical Inspection

Along with the oil change, the B part of the service includes a thorough mechanical inspection. The technician will inspect brake pads and rotors, brake fluid, and hoses. The steering and suspension components are inspected for looseness or damage, and driveshaft boots are checked for cracks. Same goes for the exhaust system and fuel lines and connections.

Check Fluids

All your fluids are checked for condition and to make sure they’re full. They’ll be topped up if necessary, and you’ll be advised if you need to replace engine coolant or replace transmission fluid if they’re dirty. With the B1 service, you don’t have to worry about spark plug replacement or any other major tune-up items. It’s a rather routine service, even though it’s comprehensive.

Tire Rotation

Finally, the ‘1’ part of your Honda B1 service. It’s pretty simple – you get your tires rotated. A tire rotation ensures the rubber on all four wheels will wear evenly, lowering your cost of ownership by extending your tire life. No matter what Honda model you drive, it pays to keep it in good shape with expert maintenance and repairs. Your local Honda dealer in Kansas City, Jay Wolfe Honda, will take care of all your service needs, and at a competitive price!