How Does Direct2U Work?

As part of our Advantage Program, Direct2U allows our previous and repeat customers to request a test drive at work or home, at a convenient location for them. We know your days are packed from sun-up to sundown. Skip the dealership. Let Jay Wolfe Honda bring the test drive to you, helping you find your next vehicle!

Enter your Email or Phone Number

Reach out to us with the best way to reach you back. As an Advantage Program client, you can arrange your Direct2U test drive by submitting the email address or phone number we'll have in your client profile. Once we confirm your eligibility, a manager at Jay Wolfe Honda will contact you to talk about how we can improve the convenience of your car shopping experience.

Pick your Test Drive Location

Are you busy at work or stuck close to home? That's no problem! Let us know when and where you'd like to meet in Kansas City, MO with the vehicle you'd like to test drive. The product specialist that arrives with your prospective vehicle can discuss your options and even provide an initial trade assessment. Direct2U is all about keeping car shopping stress-free and informal, ensuring you have a positive experience that leads to a confident decision to buy the car you want.

* Online photos may not be an accurate representation of model colors and features.

Test Drive

Take your normal route to work or zip through the local grocery store parking lot. Your Direct2U test drive is on your terms. Use this exclusive experience to try out the technology, features, and performance in the Honda model you're trying out. We want you to be comfortable with the car you're considering!
If you've found the car you want in the right color, trim, options, and even payment, the Direct2U product specialist will set up an appointment to finalize the paperwork. That's all there is to it - you've found the car you want!
Jay Wolfe Honda values your time and your loyalty. We believe you deserve the best car shopping experience, and we want to make it convenient to buy from us.  Our goal is ensuring your Direct2U leaves you with the most available time in your day and a vehicle you truly love to drive!