Things Your Teen Driver Needs to Know

If you’ve reached the stage in life where your teen is getting behind the wheel of a car, get ready for more gray hair. It’s daunting, life-changing, stress-inducing, and sleep-depriving. With a toolbox only half-full of driving skills, a greenhorn teen driver is more likely to get into troublesome situations when navigating the road. Take comfort knowing it’s exactly the same as you made your parents feel. Okay, it’s not really comforting. But you can make the situation better. You can equip your teen driver with a handful of skills to make their education go much smoother. And there might be something for you to learn in here as well…

What Your Teen Driver Needs To Know

The road does not belong to them. Courtesy is the prevailing factor when driving, no matter who you are. When in doubt about whose turn it is to proceed, which driver has the right of way, or if space should be given for another car to merge, teach your teen to be courteous. Parking is a skill best practiced. Parallel parking can provoke an anxiety attack in some people. Yet, those who practice it find it’s not difficult at all. Teach your teen driver to parallel park on a regular basis whether it’s required or not. It boosts self-confidence as well as actual skill. Driving a car is not free. Make sure your teen contributes to the family car. They need to know the cost of operating a vehicle, from insurance and maintenance to fuel costs. Find vehicle-related ways they can contribute if they can’t do so financially. It’s a great way to keep your car clean. Driving requires much patience. This is for the teacher and the student. Keep calm in every situation when driving or instructing. Practice instructional language that is clear. For example, use the word ‘correct’ instead of ‘right’, leaving right and left as directions. And when mistakes are made (there are always mistakes), practice leniency and grace with your student. They probably already feel bad about it.