Service Basics: Honda Transmission Service

When it comes to maintenance, you’ve got your bases covered. You religiously get your Honda’s engine oil changed when it’s due (or sooner). Your tires are rotated to maintain even tread at all four corners. Your fuel system is cleaned regularly. You have your brake fluid and power steering fluid changed whenever it’s recommended. But an often-overlooked item is the Honda transmission service. Your transmission is like your engine in that it uses fluid to cool and lubricate internal parts. Obviously, with a different purpose there are changes in service requirements. The transmission fluid is a synthetic-based oil and its operating conditions are very different from the engine’s heat and explosive energy. For that reason, a Honda transmission service is due much less frequently than an engine oil change.

Why Schedule a Honda Transmission Service

As soon as oil is in use, it begins to break down. Heat, moisture, and friction cause oil to lose its lubricating properties. It can only sustain so much before it can no longer properly perform its lubricating and cooling roles. Left too long, the transmission will begin to wear in places that it shouldn’t. The internal clutches and friction plates, valve body, and solenoids can start failing. That’s when you feel abnormal conditions when you drive like shift flares, slipping gears, and eventually, transmission failure. A transmission service can prevent those symptoms from showing up in the first place. In some cases, you can even correct some issues with a Honda transmission service. It’s best to have the service done at the first sign of problems or when it’s scheduled, whichever comes first.

Signs a Honda Transmission Service is Due

  • The fluid is dark brown on the dipstick
  • The transmission fluid smells burnt
  • The fluid in your transmission looks milky, not transparent
  • It has been 30,000 miles since your last Honda transmission service (severe conditions)
  • It has been 90,000 miles since your transmission service (normal service conditions)
  Need to schedule a Honda transmission service, or need to find out if yours is due? Jay Wolfe Honda is here to help. Give us a call or stop in and our service team will advise you on how best to maintain your Honda.