Pair Your Phone with HondaLink Connectivity

Distracted driving laws are constantly being beefed up, and it’s no wonder. Up to 80 percent of traffic collisions involve driving distractions of some form or another, often because the driver has a cell phone in their hand. But that won’t be you because your Honda has HondaLink Connectivity, and you can use handsfree functions for safer driving. Odds are that your Honda has Bluetooth HandsFreeLink as standard equipment — nearly all new Honda vehicles do. But do you know how to pair your phone to the system? It’s an important safety feature, so it’s in your best interest to use it!

Pair Your Phone’s Bluetooth to your HondaLink System

It’s quite easy and intuitive to pair your phone to HondaLink in your vehicle. Just in case you’re not sure if you’re doing it right, follow these step-by-step instructions.
  1. Put your phone in ‘discoverable mode’. It varies by manufacturer but it can be found in your Settings menu. Usually, all it takes is turning your Bluetooth on in Settings.
  2. Press the Phone button on your radio. With the ignition on and your vehicle in park, press the Phone button on your radio. Through the speakers, you’ll hear that a phone isn’t paired. You’ll be asked if you want to pair one now.
  3. On the radio display, select ‘Yes’ and then ‘Continue’. At this point, the system will list any Bluetooth devices it finds in discoverable mode.
  4. Select your phone from the displayed list. A passcode will either show up that you need to confirm matches your phone, or you’ll need to enter a code that you’ll repeat on your phone.
  5. Once confirmed, pairing is complete!
You might be asked to turn on HondaLink Assist once paired, and all you have to do is confirm it. Depending on your phone, you might be able to share your contacts with your HondaLink system for easy dialing and messaging. If Automatic Phone Sync is requested, approve it for simple handsfree operation. Always be aware of traffic laws regarding the use of your cell phone while driving. Most importantly, drive safe! Your Honda makes it easier to stay in touch while you’re on the road, but only you can determine if it’s still a distraction. Need help getting you Bluetooth HandsFreeLink paired? Have questions about HondaLink or any other Honda features? Contact Jay Wolfe Honda or stop in and one of our product specialists will help you out!