Maximize Your Trade In Value With These Tips

Buying a new Honda is fun and exciting. You’re looking at a vehicle with some of the latest features on the market, a brand that emphasizes safety, and has a reputation of being incredibly dependable and efficient. But unless you’re buying your first car, you have a vehicle that you’ll want to include in the transaction. For the lowest payments possible, you need to get the best trade in value that you can. It’s not something most people think about. They just want to offload the car they own right now and drive away with a new Honda. However, spending a little time and money on getting your car in order can boost your trade in value significantly. Here are a few tips to getting the most out of your old car.

Trade In Value Tips

Make it Look Good

One of the best ways to increase trade in value is by making it look like you care about your car, even if you don’t. Empty your personal stuff from the interior and wipe down the dash. Vacuum the seats and the floor. Throw away the trash. On the outside, give the car a wash. If it looks like you cared for your car, it will push the value higher.

Eliminate Little Problems

Does your newish car have a few dings or scratches? It can lower your trade in value by hundreds of dollars. Before bringing it to the dealership to trade it in, have the dents pulled and the scratches buffed. If you can eliminate the little things the manager will notice, you can command a higher trade in value.

Fix Minor Issues

If your tires are low on tread or your brakes squeal, it could cost you on your trade in value. Instead, have your vehicle looked over and the small issues fixed before trading it in. You’ll get more money towards your new car.   When you’re shopping for a new Honda in Kansas City, head to Jay Wolfe Honda. You’ll get a fair trade in value and a fantastic new car, all with the helpful guidance of our amazing sales team.