How to Find the Honda Radio Code

How to Easily Find Your Honda Radio Code

You’ve just changed your Honda’s battery and fire up the engine for the first time. It runs fine, but the interior is eerily silent. Then you notice on the radio four letters: CODE. You haven’t seen that before, but it certainly has something to do with the radio not working. A quick owner’s manual check reveals that it’s a simple security thing, and it’s nothing to worry about. All you need to do is enter your radio code. But you don’t know how to find the Honda radio code… Alright, take a deep breath. You’ll be back to cranking out your old-school Toni Braxton hits in no time. There are a few places you can find the radio code for your car.

Where to Find Your Honda Radio Code

Check Your Ownership Booklet

If you bought your Honda brand new, a card was included in booklet along with the owner’s manual and maintenance guide. The card has your Honda radio code on it. It says ‘Anti Theft Identification Card’. It also has your radio’s serial number printed on it. If your Honda has navigation too, it has the NAVI code and serial number as well.

Look In and Around the Glove Box

When your car was inspected at the dealership before you took ownership, a label may have been installed in you glove box with the radio code. You’re looking for a five-digit number on a small white sticker. It may be placed inside the glove box or on the side, exposed only when the glove box is open.

Find the Radio Code Online

If you can’t find the Honda radio code in your car or materials, you can find it online. You’ll need two things: your car’s VIN number and your radio’s serial number. Both are mandatory. Navigate to the Honda Radio-NAVICode website. Enter your VIN number, your information, the radio serial number, and whether your vehicle has two devices (meaning NAVI or not). When you click SUBMIT, you’ll get the Honda radio code. Don’t have your radio’s serial number? Contact Jay Wolfe Honda – your radio may need to be removed to get that information for you.

Enter the Radio Code

Entering the radio code is super simple. The five digits are all associated with the radio preset buttons. Press the first number in the radio code and a ‘C’ is displayed. Do the same for the remaining numbers. O,D, then E will come up, and on the final number, the radio will come on.