How to Find a Certified Honda Body Shop

It’s easy and all too common to complain about the high cost of car insurance. That is, until you need it. The sad fact is that a vast majority of vehicles on the road today will eventually have a collision claim, need refinishing for vandalism, or will become a total loss for an accident or weather event. If your car has repairable damage, where should you take it for your insurance claim?

Local Honda Body Shop Near Me

The first criteria to find a place for your Honda’s collision repair is locating an auto body shop in your area. There are plenty of ways to do that – a Google search for “Honda body shop near me”, a drive through Kansas City’s streets, or asking friends and family for their suggestions.  In KCMO, there are tons of body shops but very few specialize in Honda repairs. Narrow down your search to Honda dealerships for the top options in auto body repairs for your vehicle. 

ProFirst Certification

Strict repair processes separate average and good repair shops from the very best. Honda’s ProFirst certification is proof. ProFirst Certified dealerships have the highest level of training in the industry. They have Honda specific training across the complete model lineup. They’re the only repair shops with repair information directly from Honda and have the tools and equipment to get the job done right.  ProFirst repair shops must maintain the highest facility standards and customer service. And it’s not just a rubber stamp – ProFirst certification is accomplished only through independent third-party annual inspections. 

The Top KCMO Honda Body Shop

In Kansas City, MO, choose Jay Wolfe Honda for your collision repairs and insurance claims. Excellent customer service, high-quality parts, and professional technicians are assured. To you, that means peace of mind that your repairs will be completed to the highest standard in a hassle-free process.  You’ll find the Jay Wolfe Body Shop conveniently located at 9425 Holmes Road!