Help Your Credit with Your Credit Card

It’s a tool many people use as an ongoing loan. Rewards programs, travel points, dividends at the end of the year – they’re all ways that credit card providers employ to entice you to use your card even more. Why pay for it now when you could wait until the next month, or the one after that, all while paying just a little (or a lot of) interest? Credit cards get many a user into financial trouble, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It can be a great way to build your credit, making it easier to service your car or buy your next Honda from Jay Wolfe Honda.

Pay Off Your Credit Card Monthly

It’s when you leave your credit card balance unpaid that you begin to get over your head. Interest charges accumulate quickly – sometimes you don’t realize it until you’re in deep. If you make it a point to pay off your credit card every month, you’ll make smart purchasing decisions. You’ll only buy the things you know you can pay off when the bill arrives.

Set Boundaries on Purchases

You can set your own boundaries, but here are a few examples:
  • Never charge more than $500 to your card in a day.
  • Only charge material purchases, not food or drinks.
  • Don’t make same-day purchasing decisions.
When you have boundaries in place, you’ll be able to control how much you spend on your credit card and when you spend it.

Freeze Your Troublesome Credit Card

If you find you aren’t able to resist buying something that you know you can’t afford, make it more difficult to spend. Freeze your credit card in a container of water – literally. When you find something you want to buy, it will take hours or more to thaw your credit card. In that time, you may decide it’s a frivolous purchase and you don’t really need it. Or, it might be something you really want or need, and your resolve will be set. You’ll be able to cut down on buyer’s remorse though.   When you use your credit card responsibly, it makes financing your next Honda easier. You have the credit history to get the car loan or lease you want so you can hit the road in a Civic, Fit, Pilot, CR-V, or any other Honda.