The Benefits of a Routine Oil Change

Honda’s Maintenance Minder system is a fantastic tool for minimizing the maintenance costs for your new Honda. It uses your Honda’s sensor inputs to calculate the best time for an oil change based on your usage. It includes the mileage you’ve driven, your idle time, the outside temperature, and many other criteria to predict the next time you need an oil change. It indicates your remaining oil life in your cluster display as a percentage. But why is it so important to stay on top of routine oil change services?

The Benefits of an Oil Change

Less Wear Inside Your Engine

Clean engine oil reduces the amount of friction inside your engine. The barrier it creates between metal parts means that they don’t rub against each other, and that means your engine will last longer.

Your Engine Runs Cooler

Engine oil that’s in good condition whisks away heat. Not only does it carry the heat away from the engine to the oil cooler, but it reduces the amount of heat created by friction. When your engine oil is clean, your engine can maintain its optimum operating temperature more easily.

An Oil Change Cleans Inside the Engine

Think of engine like those little ‘scrubbing bubbles’ inside your engine. When clean engine oil washes over carbon and sludge buildup inside the engine, it breaks it down and carries it to the oil filter where it gets trapped. An engine oil change removes those trapped particles before they can harm your engine.

It Maintains or Even Improves Fuel Mileage

Clean engine oil makes internal engine parts move freely and smoothly, with little friction and resistance. This reduced friction means your engine doesn’t have to work so hard to stay running. That in turn means you burn less gas to operate your engine. Who knew a routine oil change could help improve your fuel mileage?   When your Honda is getting close to its oil change interval, the “service due soon” message is displayed. That’s when you know it’s time to call Jay Wolfe Honda, where your Honda will be maintained by certified technicians.