The 2016 Honda Pilot Is Part Sport, Part SUV

2016 Honda Pilot

The new Honda Pilot has been completely redesigned since last year. It’s a more comfortable ride, with better overall handling than the 2015 model. It’s got great fuel efficiency and seats eight, but still drives like a sports car. What else can you expect from the 2015 Honda Pilot? Let’s take a look…

Interior Features

Let’s start with the inside. Not only does the Pilot seat up to eight, there’s still plenty of room for storage behind the third row. And if you have trouble accessing the third row, on models EX-L and above, you can just press a button on the back of the second row, and it moves forward. Models EX and above come with an 8-inch touchscreen display to browse through your audio options, from podcasts to playlists and more. While the EX-L and above have a full rear entertainment system, complete with a 9-inch screen and either a DVD or Blu-ray player, to keep the kids happy on long trips.

Exterior Features

The 2016 Honda Pilot doesn’t just have a moon roof. On the Elite model, it has a panoramic roof to give you a clearer, more comprehensive view of the world around you. Also on the Elite are LED headlights. They’re brighter and help you see better, while also lasting longer and using less energy. Or, on models EX-L and above, it has a power tailgate. With the press of a button, the tailgate is lowered, to facilitate easier loading and unloading. Press it again, and the tailgate rises right back to where it was.

Safety Features

One of the great safety features available on the Honda Pilot EX and above, is the collision mitigation braking system. If the sensors detect a collision in front of you that’s otherwise unavoidable, they automatically help to bring the car to a stop before you hit anything, even if you on your own aren’t able to brake in time. Also available on models EX and above are two different alerts: a forward collision warning and a lane departure warning. If the vehicle detects that you’re in danger of colliding with a vehicle or object ahead of you, or if it senses that you’re drifting out of your lane unintentionally, it immediately lets you know, so that you can take action to avoid a crash. One feature that’s standard on all models is the Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure. In the event of a head-on collision, the unique body design helps to distribute the energy from the crash more evenly across the front of the vehicle, lessening the overall impact and mitigating injuries. Also standard on all models is the multi-angle rearview camera. By providing you with a normal, wide, or top-down view of what’s behind you, it gives you enhanced visibility as you back out of a parking space, or try to parallel park. The 2016 Honda Pilot really is a whole new car from what came before it. If you’re looking for something safe, comfortable, and stylish to drive your family around in, but still want something sportier too, that gives you that thrill of driving, then the has just what you need. Stop by Jay Wolfe Honda and let us help you find the Honda Pilot that best meets your needs.