Should You Trade In or Sell Your Honda?

In all the excitement, buying a new Honda presents a challenge you might not have considered. You’ve been in love with your current Honda for years now, but there’s no room to keep both the new one and your old one. So, what should you do? Should you trade in or sell your Honda?   I know, it’s a dilemma. It’s not to be taken lightly, either. As much as it’s sentimental, you also want to get the most value out of your old Honda. You need to put some serious thought into the situation and, hopefully, you’ll come out with making the right choice — either to trade in or sell your car.  

Trade In or Sell – Which One is Better?

Trade In Your Honda

  • There’s no need to fix up your car before you trade it in. To get the best value, you can clean it up and repair the obvious issues. However, the dealership will go over all of that stuff when they recondition it.
  • You can walk away without the headache. Trading in your Honda only requires approving the trade-in value. It’s easy and stress-free.
  • You’ll get a fair price. Trade in values are based on market prices, so there’s no worry that you’re going to be swindled. Plus, you can apply the trade-in value directly to your new Honda’s sale price.
  • Trading in your car is safe. There’s never a concern about meeting up in an unsafe place where you could be robbed or carjacked. It’s always a safe environment.

Sell Your Honda

  • Repairs can improve your value. If you plan to sell your Honda on your own, performing a few repairs can get you more money for it. The price paid for repairs may not outweigh the added value, though.
  • You might get a better price. Compared to trade-in values, selling your car privately has the potential to palm some extra scratch. It’s hard to know for sure, though, because the selling price is based on negotiation and perceived value.
  • You have to have spare time to sell it. Selling privately requires a time commitment to meet up with possible purchasers. It might take two, three, or many more showings before it sells.
  • It’s not as secure. You can do your best to make your meeting place public, but there’s always the chance the buyer could swindle you or steal your car.
  If you want the easiest avenue that gets you a fair price in a safe environment, you’re best trading in your Honda. That’s where we can help! At Jay Wolfe Honda, we work WITH you to get you the most value for your trade-in so we can earn your business on your NEW Honda. Come see us to experience the Jay Wolfe Difference.