Your Source for Honda Tires in Kansas City

Every car is equipped with tires, from the compact Honda Civic and midsize Accord to the flexible Honda Pilot and ultra-capable Ridgeline. There are a few things about Honda tires, like all tires, that remain constant: they’re round and black, and they wear out as you drive. You can rest assured that at some point in a vehicle’s life, it will need its tires replaced. How do you know when you need Honda tires. And when you do need to replace those round chunks of rubber, where should you look for new Honda tires?

How to Tell When You Need New Honda Tires

Follow these tips to determine if your tires are still alright or if you need them replaced.
  • The penny test. Insert a penny between the tread blocks of each tire in several places around its circumference. Insert with the top of Lincoln’s head toward the tire’s surface. If Lincoln’s head is covered by the tread, your tires have enough depth for now. If the top of his head is exposed, you need new Honda tires.
  • Check for unusual wear. Look across the whole tire cross-section. Is the inner edge of the tire, center of the tread, or the outer shoulder worn out while the rest is okay? If the tire tread depth is inconsistent with one section worn much more than the rest, you need to change your tires.
  • Look for metal strands. These steel wires are part of the tire’s structure, known as cords. If there are cords or fabric exposed at all, the tire needs to be replaced immediately.
  • Sidewall punctures. If there is a nail, screw or another type of puncture on the shoulder or sidewall, it’s not repairable. The tire must be replaced instead.

I Need New Tires – Where Do I Go?

When you need new Honda tires, you have choices. The best choice is where the people know your car best. The Honda dealership is the best place to service your vehicle in any capacity, and that includes tires. In Kansas City, choose Jay Wolfe Honda when you need tire replacement, tire rotations, or tire repairs and services. We have a wide range of name brand tires available and can match your Honda with the best tires for your needs and budget.