Should I Lease or Finance my Honda?

Choosing a Honda was the easy decision. You’re joining the ranks of Honda owners worldwide who not only love their vehicles but enjoy the most efficient and dependable cars on the road today. But now comes a more challenging decision:

Do you lease or finance your Honda?

The choice to lease or finance may be unfamiliar territory. For decades, people thought the best option was always to own a car. But today, there are more benefits to leasing than ever. Which choice is right for you?  

Benefits of Leasing

You can always drive a newer car. If you’re someone who wants the latest technology and is willing to change vehicles every few years to get it, leasing might be the best option for you. When your lease term has matured, you simply return your leased Honda to the dealership. You can step into a new vehicle and start all over! It’s simple! Leasing offers an alternative from the inconvenience of selling your car before you buy a new one, and haggling for a good trade-in price. There’s nothing to do but return your lease within your terms. You can buy it out. If you absolutely love your lease and can’t bear to part with it, you can buy out your lease. In many cases, you can step into a car loan for similar payments to your lease payment. Then you can keep your car as long as you’d like!  

Benefits of Financing

Your Honda is yours! With financing, you’re building equity in your vehicle. And once your financing term is done, you own your car outright! There are no limits to driving. A leased car has penalties to pay if you exceed your mileage allotment. If you’re someone who can’t stand to be out of the driver’s seat and rack up tons of miles, financing could be the better way. Competitive rates and terms. Financing can provide a lower payment structure, getting you to vehicle ownership sooner than ever. With Honda financing, you can choose the term that works best for you and get the most car for your money.   Whether you choose to lease or finance your Honda, choose Jay Wolfe Honda in Kansas City for your hometown dealership. Our team is what sets us apart from the others — let us show you the Jay Wolfe difference!