Honda in Driveway

How to Use HomeLink in Your New Honda

How HomeLink Works

You’ve snagged yourself a fantastic deal on a Honda model – a fun-loving Civic, commuter-friendly Accord Hybrid, tough-as-nails Ridgeline, or some other Honda. And just like you expected, it’s very well equipped. You have Bluetooth, a rear-view camera, a sunroof, plenty of power features, and a bangin’ sound system. But what are these little HomeLink buttons on the overhead console?

It’s HomeLink!

Those nearly inconspicuous buttons by the interior light, between the sun visors, are for HomeLink. It literally links your Honda to your home with the press of a button. Well, actually, it links to your garage door opener. It’s meant to make your Honda and your home more secure, and it reduces clutter on your visor too!

Why is HomeLink a Thing?

Maybe it seems like a redundant feature – after all, you have a remote for your garage door opener already! But did you know that smash-and-grab thieves love to take openers from sun visors because it gives them access to your home? All they need to do is take a letter or document from your glove box with your address, and they’re set. With HomeLink, your garage door opener buttons are permanently affixed in your car, reducing the attraction for thieves, keeping your interior uncluttered, and eliminating dead batteries in your remote. Good deal, hey?

How It Works

The first step to using HomeLink is to program your garage door opener to it.
  • Open your garage door and park your vehicle outside.
  • Turn on the ignition without starting the engine.
  • Hold your opener within three inches of the HomeLink buttons in your Honda.
  • Press and hold the in-vehicle button you want to program, as well as the remote button, simultaneously.
  • The indicator light will flash slowly, then change to a rapid flash or solid light when programming has been learned.
  • Repeat for the remaining two HomeLink buttons if desired.
It’s an extremely easy system to use. Just press the button as you approach or depart from your garage, just like you did with your original remote. HomeLink is available or standard on all Honda models in production right now. Visit Jay Wolfe Honda to find your next vehicle that has it!