How Does Your Honda Cooling System Work?

Engines generate a lot of heat. It’s easy to see why – it’s essentially a system of controlled explosions in each cylinder. WIthout a system to regulate the engine’s temperature, irreversible damage would result in a very, very short time. That’s why you Honda has a cooling system. Here’s what your Honda cooling system is designed to do and how it’s major parts work.

Your Honda Cooling System’s Purpose

Fluid circulates throughout your engine, then passes through your radiator. As it goes through the engine, it absorbs the heat created from the engine’s internal components. It carries the hot coolant out of the engine and through the radiator. Air passes through the fins on the radiator, wicking away the heat from the hot coolant inside. Then, the coolant continues the cycle over and over again. But your Honda cooling system does more than just remove heat. It also keeps the engine at a warm enough temperature for proper emissions control, as well as to generate heat inside your car on cold days. Essentially, the cooling system maintains a safe operating temperature – not too hot and not too cold.

What the Individual Parts Do

There are a few key components in the cooling system that play important functions:
  • The water pump continually cycles the coolant throughout the cooling system whenever the engine is running.
  • The thermostat opens and closes to regulate your engine’s temperature, keeping it in the ‘sweet spot’ for proper operation.
  • The radiator is a heat exchanger for your coolant. Hot coolant passes through the radiator while a fan draws air through it to remove heat from the fluid.
  Your Honda is incredibly reliable. However, problems can occur in your Honda cooling system, especially due to lack of maintenance. The water pump can seize or the impeller inside can break, and the coolant won’t flow properly. The thermostat can stick open or closed, and the temperature won’t regulate as it should. The radiator can become plugged and the engine can start overheating. And at any point in the cooling system a leak may develop.   If your cooling system has a problem, expensive damage can result. Routine cooling system maintenance is simply a radiator flush and inspection and is quite cost-effective. If you require cooling system maintenance or repairs, Jay Wolfe Honda can help. We’ll restore your Honda cooling system back to its perfect working order so you can continue to drive confidently every day.