How to Get the Best Fuel Mileage

You’ve chosen wisely – Honda vehicles are known to be among the best in fuel mileage. For years, the Honda Civic, Fit, Accord, and CR-V have been recognized as fuel-sipping cars and SUVs. If your Honda’s fuel mileage seems to be slipping, it might be a simple maintenance issue.

These are a few things to check to get the best fuel mileage on your Honda.

Check your maintenance schedule

Is your vehicle due for its spark plug replacement? If your spark plugs are worn or not firing properly, your Honda might be compensating by injecting more fuel. Make sure your Honda’s maintenance is up to date.

Inspect your air filter

Your engine needs copious amounts of clean air to run properly. If your air filter is dirty or plugged, it’s not going to run right and will consume more fuel. It’s a very inexpensive repair for many poor fuel mileage concerns.

Check your tire pressures

If your tires are low on air, it increases the rolling resistance with the road surface. The extra drag means your Honda needs to burn more fuel to surpass the extra resistance. Check that your tire pressures are within 2-3 PSI of your vehicle’s rating. You can find the numbers on the door or pillar when you open the driver’s door.

Is your Check Engine Light on?

It can be a simple sensor failure, poor fuel quality, an electrical issue, or one of dozens of other problems. If your Check Engine light is on, there’s a good chance your engine isn’t running at its best. Have your Check Engine light diagnosed by Jay Wolfe Honda and repair the its cause.

Get a wheel alignment

Like low tire pressures, your wheel alignment affects fuel mileage. If there is increased rolling resistance because your tires aren’t tracking straight, your fuel mileage will suffer. On top of increased fuel costs, your worn-out tires will be an added expense to deal with.   If your Honda’s fuel mileage has become worse, even after addressing these minor issues, we’ll take a look. Our factory-trained technicians will advise you how to get the most out of your Honda, including the best fuel efficiency.