Five Reasons You Should Always Use Genuine Honda Parts

Costs are always going up whether you’re looking for a pair of shoes at the mall, a video game for your XBox 360, or repairs for your Honda. It’s tempting to cut corners. After all, what’s the difference between Nike shoes and mail order shoes from overseas, right? And why not borrow or burn video games? Because, like your car repairs and maintenance, there’s something to be said for name brand. For your Honda, that means genuine Honda parts. You’re bombarded with ads for aftermarket and discount parts. They claim to be just as good, but is that even possible? Probably not. In fact, there are five good reasons (maybe more) why you should always use genuine Honda parts.

Genuine Honda Parts are the Perfect Fit

When you choose genuine Honda parts, they are made to precisely fit your car. It’s exactly the same as the part coming off your vehicle, except perhaps with enhancements from Honda’s research and development. It doesn’t make sense to install parts from someone who supplies all different brands or to use a generic part, does it?

They Work Like the Original Part

You want something that works just as well as the original part. That’s what you get with genuine OEM Honda components. There’s no concern about their function or whether they can handle the same conditions as the old part. They function 100 percent like you expect.

Honda Parts are Built to Last

You don’t get cheap, second-grade pieces when you buy genuine Honda parts. They are top-shelf, good-quality parts. It’s the good stuff. You want your car’s parts to last as long as possible, so have the good stuff installed.

They are Backed By Honda

Aftermarket parts might cover the part itself if it fails, but you’re stuck with the labor. Genuine Honda parts, when installed by your Honda dealership, carry a warranty that includes both parts AND labor. It just makes sense.

Genuine Honda Parts Are NOT Remanufactured

Aftermarket parts are often labeled as remanufactured. What that really means is that it’s an old part that’s been cleaned up and refurbished, then resold. That’s not what you’ll find at the Honda dealership. Only new genuine Honda parts are sold here.   Need Honda parts or service? We have your back. At Jay Wolfe Honda, we’ll get your vehicle fixed up right, and we’ll use high-quality Honda parts to do so.