Are You a New Driver? Here’s What You Should Look Out For

You’ve worked hard to earn your driver’s license. You’ve put in countless hours of practice and study to prepare you for the experience of driving. And here you are, a licensed motorist set to take on the world. But don’t forget that you’re still a new driver. A driver’s license in hand doesn’t automatically make you a good driver. It takes years of driving experience to hone your skills. Armed with that bit of knowledge, you should expect that mistakes are going to happen as a new driver. Here are just a few examples.

Driving Beyond the What Conditions Allow

If the weather is less than ideal, you should reduce your speed. When roads are wet or snow-covered, or even if it’s really dark, you should adjust your rate of speed to allow for proper response times. You’ll learn to check the weather before headed out on the road, and you may want to allow extra time for your trip.

Watching Traffic Around You

It’s good to be aware of the other cars around you on the road. But paying too much attention to other motorists can take your eyes off your own vehicle operation. Odds are that you’re a new driver compared to them, so you shouldn’t start predicting where they are going to go. Worry about your own vehicle first, trusting that other drivers will obey the traffic laws as well.

Distracted Driving

It’s often thought that cell phone use is distracted driving, but there’s so much more to it. Applying makeup in the driver’s seat, eating while you drive, and even changing the radio station on the move are distractions for new drivers. When your priority is on anything other than the road ahead of you, it’s distracted driving. Remember, accidents can happen in a flash. As a new driver, you need to stay alert and focused on your own driving skills. As your skills develop, you’ll be able to integrate more advanced driving techniques.