Jay Wolfe Honda – 2016 Odyssey

2016 Honda Odyssey

The new 2016 Honda Odyssey is the perfect vehicle for active families. Not only can it seat up to 8—including space for up to three child safety seats in the second row—it can be adjusted to accommodate extra storage as well, making it ideally suited to road trips, carpools, and a host of other family activities. But what is it that makes the 2016 Odyssey truly unique? Let’s take a look.

Interior Features

If you have kids in your car on a regular basis, one of the biggest challenges is keeping the interior clean. Between spilled food and dirt tracked in from all over, things can get messy very quickly. Fortunately, with the 2015 Odyssey, Honda introduced an industry first: the HondaVAC, a built-in vacuum cleaner that runs off of the car’s battery. It comes with a hose that easily reaches across the entire car, and a waste bin that can be removed and emptied when full. The 2016 Odyssey not only continues to offer the HondaVAC, but makes it available for the first time on the SE model. In addition to the vacuum, the Odyssey also features Wide Mode seats in the second row. This allows the seats to be moved up to 1.5 inches to each side, giving each passenger a little extra space—and no doubt solving a few “His hand is on MY side!” arguments in the process. The third row, meanwhile, features the Magic Seat, which can be put down to provide you with extra cargo space. The car also features a rear entertainment system with wireless headphones to play DVDs, HondaLink to connect your phone to the car and do everything from calls and texts to browsing restaurants to listening to audiobooks, and an audio touchscreen to control all your media at a glance, from radio and video to Bluetooth.

Safety Features

So the 2016 Honda Odyssey can keep your children entertained. But can it keep them safe? The rearview camera supplements your rear and side view mirrors, providing you with a more comprehensive view of the area behind your vehicle, from multiple angles. Meanwhile, another camera detects lane markings and can let you know if you’re drifting out of your lane, or otherwise changing lanes unexpectedly. The electronic brake distribution prevents wheel lockup by distributing the brake force more evenly across the front and rear of the car. And perhaps most importantly, a forward collision warning can sense if you’re about to have a collision and immediately alerts you, so that you can avoid it.

Exterior Features

The 2016 Odyssey is well-designed both inside and out. The Power Tailgate on models EX-L and above makes it easy to load and unload anything from luggage to camping equipment to groceries. Meanwhile, the Smart Entry feature senses when your key remote is within 32 inches of the vehicle and unlocks the door automatically, without your having to spend 10 minutes digging through your pockets or purse to find it. And heated side mirrors help to reduce fog and ice buildup, keeping your view crystal clear through any weather. The 2016 Honda Odyssey is designed for your family’s activities, whether it’s daily carpooling, shuttling the soccer team (and their equipment) to practice, or taking an epic family vacation. Stop by Jay Wolfe Honda and let us find the Odyssey that best suits your family’s needs.