How to Use Easy Fold-Down Rear Seats on a Honda CR-V

How to Use Easy Fold-Down Rear Seats on a Honda CR-V

You’re at the mall and you found a large vase that you can’t live without. Or maybe it’s artwork from a local art show, or construction materials for a home renovation. Whatever it is, you know it’s not going to fit in the back of your Honda CR-V the way it is. But wait a second, doesn’t your Honda CR-V have Easy Fold-Down Rear Seats?

It does! You remember seeing your product advisor demonstrate how to use Easy Fold-Down Rear Seats, right before your test drive. But it’s been awhile since then. Need a refresher? Jay Wolfe Honda has your back. Here’s a tutorial on how to use Easy Fold-Down Rear Seats on a Honda CR-V.

Using Easy Fold-Down Rear Seats

CR-V Interior Easy Fold Back Seat

Disconnect the Center Seat Belt

The rear seat won’t fold down with the center seat belt in place. And if it does, the ceiling-mounted seat belt will be in the way!
Insert the seat belt latch plate into the anchor. This will release the anchor point for the middle seat belt, and you can let it retract into the ceiling retractor.

Prepare the seat

Fold the center armrest up into the seat, and lower the center headrest as low as it will go. Make sure there is nothing on the seat surface or it can get caught and prevent the seat from folding down.

Pull the release lever

If you’re in the back seat area, you can pull the release levers located on the outboard tops of the seat backs. Simply lift the handle and the seat will gently tumble forward.

CR-V Back Seat Release Lever Front

If you’re in the storage compartment area, there is a lever mounted on the side. Pull the lever to fold the seats forward.

CR-V Back Seat Release Lever Back

Want to put the seats back up? That’s easy. Just lift the seat backs and they’ll snap back into place. The center seat belt is easily connected by pressing the anchor back into place.

CR-V Interior Folded Down Back Seat