You Should’ve Had an Air Conditioning Inspection If…

You know how hot it gets in these parts come summertime. It’s sweltering, and you sweat in places you didn’t even know you had. Your Honda, fortunately, has a fantastic air conditioning system, making your vehicle a haven from the summer heat. But is your Honda’s A/C going to work like it should this summer? Are you going to regret skipping your air conditioning inspection?

Why Would You Get an Air Conditioning Inspection?

You think that just because your air conditioning worked last fall that it’s still going to be good this summer. It’s a Honda, and it’s more reliable than most vehicles on the road today. But there’s still a possibility that your vehicle’s air conditioning isn’t going to work as well as it did last year. Check out these reasons you should get an A/C inspection.

Your Honda Didn’t Cool Very Well Last Fall

If your Honda’s A/C wasn’t up to par last summer and fall, you should know that it’s not going to improve on its own. When your car’s cabin cooling isn’t as good as it once was, you should have an air conditioning inspection performed.

Your Windows Frosted Up in the Winter

In cold, wintry weather, your Honda’s A/C helps keep your windows clear. It’s true – it’s working even when it’s freezing outside! If your windows are unusually frosty on the inside, you’d be served well by getting an air conditioning inspection.

Your Honda is More than Three Years Old

Air conditioning performance declines as your vehicle ages. The refrigerant in the system dissipates at a rate of 5 percent every year, even when there isn’t a leak. It only takes a few years before your A/C performance is noticeably different.   In Kansas City, you can get your Honda’s air conditioning inspection completed at Jay Wolfe Honda. The factory-trained technicians will check your Honda’s A/C performance to ensure it’s cooling as well as it should. If there is anything required for maintenance or repair, we’ll fix it with genuine Honda parts, backed by Honda’s exceptional parts warranty.