A Wheel Alignment Is Good Maintenance

If you’ve been a driver for a little while, you’re aware that roads everywhere have hazards. It could be the occasional out-of-control pothole as you’re driving through city streets. It could be a hidden curb after a snowfall. Or, it might be just everyday driving that causes wear on your car. And over time, you might start to notice your car doesn’t handle like it used to. A wheel alignment might be all you need, or at least part of it.

Steering Issues? Likely a Wheel Alignment Can Help

If you’ve noticed that your steering wheel isn’t straight across anymore, or if your steering wheel feels too tight, or if your car wanders around the road without moving the steering wheel, your wheels could very well be out of alignment. It makes your drive more stressful, requires more effort to steer and stay in your lane, and can be dangerous. A wheel alignment can correct the steering issues you feel. If you’ve hit a curb or pothole, it may have bumped your alignment out of adjustment. An alignment will also determine if there are other problems, like bent steering or suspension parts that need to be replaced first.

Noises in Your Suspension? An Alignment Might be Necessary

If you’ve heard clunking or rattling when you drive on rough roads or when you’re turning, it’s a sign that you need to get your car inspected. You may have a loose steering or suspension component, a common concern that happens over normal usage. Once the problem is corrected, a wheel alignment needs to be performed to set your wheels straight, literally. Improper wheel alignment causes extra stress on suspension and steering parts, contributing to premature wear. You don’t want that, do you?

Worn Tires? Could be Your Alignment

If your tires have excess wear – on the inner shoulder, outer shoulder, or rough wear on the center tread – that’s a clear sign you have an alignment issue. Improper wheel alignment can wear your tires out in less than half the time, and that’s an expense you definitely don’t want. Have your wheel alignment performed at the first sign of abnormal tire wear.   A wheel alignment is a good idea to include in your annual vehicle maintenance. You can prevent costly repairs and avoid dangerous driving situations due to improper alignment. At Jay Wolfe Honda, we can take care of your alignment for you, no matter what you drive. We’ll advise you of any repairs that may be necessary, restoring your vehicle to full health and easy driving.