Engine Under Hood

What is the Noise Under My Hood?

What Causes the Noise Under My Hood?

Fresh off the car lot or a couple decades old, your Honda will make noises at times that you don’t recognize. It could be something normal, a simple irritation, or a sign of a major problem. But how do you know which noise needs attention and which ones are normal? To answer the question of ‘what is that noise under my hood’, we’ll go over some of the usual suspects.

Common Noises Under the Hood

This list covers several common noises you might hear under the hood, but not all of them. It’s always best to have your Honda properly diagnosed by the factory-trained Honda technicians right here at Jay Wolfe Honda.

That Elusive Click Under the Hood

Nearly all cars will have an audible click noise shortly after starting the engine. It’s a single click, but it’s disconcerting. What is it? It is a normal condition on all cars, and it’s just the ABS brake actuator. It’s nothing to be worried about at all. But if you hear a clicking noise after that, there could be another issue going on.

Metallic Rattling Noise on Acceleration

If your engine makes a rattling noise when you hit the gas, it could be the engine lifters making noise. That should go away as the engine heats up. If it doesn’t go away or it gets louder, there could be an engine problem that needs some attention.

Knocking Noise

Does it sound like a metal-on-metal knocking noise inside the engine? It might be worse at idle, and its frequency increases with engine speed. That could very well be a dreaded engine knock, caused by low engine oil or internal engine damage.

Squealing Noise Under the Hood

Squealing or squeaking noises are usually something belt related. It could be a worn serpentine belt, oil or water on the belt, or one of the pulleys that the belt spins on. Not usually a big deal, you can probably live with the noise until your next Honda service visit. If you have to ask yourself ‘what is that noise under my hood’ and don’t know what to do, give us a call. At Jay Wolfe Honda, we’d be happy to help you decide if a visit is required or if the noise is normal.