Proper Wheel Maintenance for Your Honda’s Wheels

You can’t avoid getting your car dirty unless you keep it under a car cover. And what fun is it if you can’t drive your Honda? The first things on your Honda that get dirty are your wheels and it makes sense – they’re the closest parts to the ground. Dirty wheels make your Honda look cheap and give the impression that you don’t care about your car. Prove you care about your Honda with proper wheel maintenance.

How Proper Wheel Maintenance is Performed

Clean Your Wheels Regularly

You’ve seen wheels with unsightly pitting and peeling, and it’s totally preventable. It starts with removing the contaminants that eat away at your wheels. When you wash your Honda, pay special attention to cleaning the grime off the surface of your wheels. Normal soap and water every few weeks is enough to keep the majority of the problem substances at bay.

Remove the Stuck-On Mess

If you drive through construction zones, park under the shade of trees, or live near railway tracks, there will be tough-to-remove gunk that sticks to your wheels. Proper wheel maintenance addresses these substances. Use a road tar and grime remover when you notice junk that won’t come off with a regular car wash. Simply dampen a cloth with the cleaner, wipe the spots off your wheels, and wash them normally.

Shine Your Rims

Several automotive cleaner manufacturers have a rim cleaner that restores the luster they had when they were new. Meguiar’s and Turtle Wax both have great rim cleaners. It’s simple – just buff the face of your wheels with the cleaner on a microfiber cloth, then wipe it off. Make sure you purchase the cleaner intended for your style of rims. Otherwise, you could cause permanent discoloration on the wheel surface! Test a small area before jumping right into the job.

Forget the Tire Shine

Tires are black, but not glossy black. It looks unnatural, collects dust, and actually deteriorates your tire prematurely. Use a tire cleaner if you want the deep black look, but don’t buy a tire shine.