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Engine Under Hood

What is the Noise Under My Hood?

What Causes the Noise Under My Hood? Fresh off the car lot or a couple decades old, your Honda will make noises at times that you don’t recognize. It could be something normal, a simple irritation, or a sign of a major problem. But how do you know which noise needs attention and which ones

You Should’ve Had an Air Conditioning Inspection If…

You know how hot it gets in these parts come summertime. It’s sweltering, and you sweat in places you didn’t even know you had. Your Honda, fortunately, has a fantastic air conditioning system, making your vehicle a haven from the summer heat. But is your Honda’s A/C going to work like it should this summer?

Five Reasons You Should Always Use Genuine Honda Parts

Costs are always going up whether you’re looking for a pair of shoes at the mall, a video game for your XBox 360, or repairs for your Honda. It’s tempting to cut corners. After all, what’s the difference between Nike shoes and mail order shoes from overseas, right? And why not borrow or burn video

Your Source for Honda Tires in Kansas City

Every car is equipped with tires, from the compact Honda Civic and midsize Accord to the flexible Honda Pilot and ultra-capable Ridgeline. There are a few things about Honda tires, like all tires, that remain constant: they’re round and black, and they wear out as you drive. You can rest assured that at some point

Service Basics: Honda Transmission Service

When it comes to maintenance, you’ve got your bases covered. You religiously get your Honda’s engine oil changed when it’s due (or sooner). Your tires are rotated to maintain even tread at all four corners. Your fuel system is cleaned regularly. You have your brake fluid and power steering fluid changed whenever it’s recommended. But

Where to Find the Best Honda Mechanic

You love your Honda, and you’d do anything to keep it at its best for years to come. All cars – even Honda models – eventually need some work. It could be routine maintenance or an occasional repair here and there. Whatever it is, you want someone you trust to put their hands on your

How is Your Honda’s Suspension Doing This Spring?

Winter takes its toll on everything, and your Honda’s suspension is no exception. Icy ruts on the roads toss your car all over the place. Sometimes, sliding is unavoidable and a curb just happens to be in the way. And when spring takes over from the chilly winter, potholes pop up all over Kansas City.

What Are the Signs of Brake Issues?

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, how you drive it, or where you drive, your brakes will eventually wear out. That’s what they are designed to do. They operate by squeezing soft metallic friction material – brake pads – against a hard metal surface – brake rotor. The friction causes your vehicle to

Do You Know What Your Warning Lights Mean?

When you start your Honda, no matter which model you drive, you’ll see the warning lights all come on for a second then go off. This is just a bulb check, a mandatory vehicle self-test that happens on every vehicle with modern systems. But if a warning light comes on otherwise… Do you know what

Should You Fix Your Clunker or Ditch It?

You’ve formed a bond with your vehicle. You love everything about it, from the character speed holes in the fenders to the squeaks and rattles when you drive over bumps. Sure, there are features that only work sporadically like the power windows, but you’ve worn the driver’s seat to fit you just right. Best of

How to Make Your Honda Tires Last As Long As Possible

You hear an awful lot about horsepower and torque, braking and acceleration. All-wheel drive, front-wheel drive — you can find a Honda to suit your needs in any configuration. One thing every Honda has in common — your Honda tires are the only thing that touch the ground. That’s right. The only parts of your