Make Your Test Drive Count!

You’ve narrowed down your choices, and you’re checking out a Honda right now. Maybe it’s the best-selling Civic or the amazing Accord. It could be the family-sized Odyssey, the CR-V or the Pilot. But now that you have it narrowed down, it’s time for the test drive. There’s so much to discover in your potential purchase – how do you condense it all down to the test drive? Take these few pointers to make the most out of the test drive in your Honda of choice.

Get Cozy

If you’re going to own this vehicle for a while, you want to make sure you’re comfortable. Play around with all the adjustments to find a seating position that works for you. Adjust the seat, steering wheel, and mirrors so you have a good view of the road. While you tweak your comfort level, check out your surroundings. Feel how snug you are in the seat and how accessible all the buttons and controls are. Then hit the road, Jack.

Drive in Real-World Circumstances

Do you normally have your kids in the car? It’s time for a field trip to the Honda dealership with the fam. Test drive the car in the same way you use your current vehicle so you can get a true comparison of the quality. Notice how quiet the interior is (unless the kids are yelling) and how easily you can control the audio and HVAC controls.

Test Drive Your Usual Route

It isn’t always possible, but if you’re a local, it might work. Drive the route you typically use for your commute or routine. You’ll get a true sense of the Honda’s confident feel as you go over the bumps and potholes you meet daily. Discover the acceleration and braking from the stop lights you usually encounter. Taking your test drive down familiar streets can help you focus on the vehicle, not just where you’re headed.   At Jay Wolfe Honda, we want you to love your Honda. Our sales professionals are going to make sure you’re comfortable in the driver’s seat, whatever model you choose.