If the Leaves are Changing, Think About Winter Car Care

It’s undeniable. The crunch of leaves under foot, the golden, red, and orange colors hanging onto the tips of tree limbs, and the first threats of overnight frost signal a change. It’s soon going to be getting cold. Whether you like it or not, it’s something you’ll have to deal with. And between raking leaves, getting your furnace serviced, and putting up the Christmas lights, don’t forget about winter car care.

What Winter Car Care Does Your Honda Need?

You might wonder exactly how much winter car care your Honda actually requires. And the truth is that there isn’t much. Honda vehicles from the CR-V compact SUV to the Accord sedan and even the larger Honda Pilot and Ridgeline are well equipped straight from the factory to tackle Missouri’s harsh winters. Yet, a few items need your attention before the snow flies. These winter car care items will help ensure you have a smooth holiday season this year.

Check Your Tires

Yes, you need to make sure your tread is appropriate for handling the snow and ice. Ensure the sidewalls of your tires have the little snowflake icon inside a mountain – it’s how you’ll get the best handling. Or better yet, invest in a set of winter tires and rims. Also, regularly check your tire pressures. Your tire pressure monitor light will come on when your tire pressures are low, although you can be proactive and adjust the pressures when the temperature is changing drastically.

Check Your Honda’s Fluids

The service center at Jay Wolfe Honda checks your fluids whenever you get routine maintenance performed. Still, you should make a point of checking your fluid levels and conditions at the beginning of winter, and at least every month. Especially note the coolant strength and condition – it must keep your engine from freezing when the mercury really drops.

Replace Your Wiper Blades

Nothing impedes your vision like poorly operating wiper blades. Have a new set of frameless wiper blades installed on your Honda to ensure the best windshield wiper operation possible. And make sure you only use washer fluid appropriate to the coldest winter temperature you can expect during the season.   If you need a hand making sure your Honda is ready when the snow flies, give us a call. At Jay Wolfe Honda, we know your Honda inside and out. We’ll make sure it’s going to serve you well until the trees start budding, and beyond.