Keep Your Honda at its Best with Maintenance Minder

Routine oil and filter changes, tire rotations, and regular multi-point vehicle inspections. Spark plug replacement, fluid changes, and air filter replacement. Your Honda vehicle requires maintenance to keep it working at its best. And to make servicing your Honda as easy as can be, Honda has built new models with the Maintenance Minder system.

What is Maintenance Minder?

It can be tough to keep track of which items need to be done, and when they are required. Honda’s Maintenance Minder makes it easy to know exactly what to do to keep your Honda working at peak performance and efficiency. Maintenance Minder uses your vehicle’s sensor information to determine how your Honda is being used. Under light usage, maintenance intervals will be longer. More strenuous use means intervals will need to be shortened to keep your Honda running well.

What’s Included

Service A is a routine oil change, the fastest and easiest maintenance item in the Maintenance Minder system. Service B is more involved. It’s an oil and filter change and multi-point vehicle inspection that involves brakes, suspension, steering, and fluids checks. Service 1 adds a tire rotation. Service 2 includes an engine air filter replacement and a pollen filter change. Service 3 is the indication that your transmission fluid should be changed. Service 4 adds a spark plug replacement to the service interval. Service 5 is displayed when the engine coolant is due to be flushed. Service 6 is for all-wheel-drive models and adds the rear differential fluid replacement. Service 7, if equipped indicates the interval for brake fluid change. On some models, it’s simply required every three years.   Honda’s Maintenance Minder system is the best way to ensure your whole vehicle is kept in good shape. It saves you money and stress in the long run by only requiring services as your Honda requires them, not just according to time or mileage. When you need Honda service, choose the professionals at Jay Wolfe Honda.