Jay Wolfe Honda – Harvesters Community Food Network

The holidays are all about giving, and we at Jay Wolfe Honda like to like to acknowledge that as best we can. That’s why, this past holiday season, we held a food drive for Harvesters Community Food Network. And we’re proud to report that, with YOUR help, it was a tremendous success! About Harvesters Community Food Network The Harvesters Community Food Network is based in Kansas City, but they serve a total of 26 counties in Northwestern Missouri and Northeastern Kansas. Founded in 1979, Harvesters sought to take the cornucopia of perfectly good grocery store food that was thrown away every year for being too close to its sell by date, and distribute it to those who needed it most. Since then, they’ve created a variety of programs over the years, to aid in the collection and distribution of food. This includes their signature coupon-scanning program, Check-Out Hunger, along with fundraisers like Forks & Corks, Chefs Classic, and the Quisenberry-Harvesters Celebrity Golf Classic. They also created the BackSnack program to provide food for elementary school students, and many others. Today, Harvesters provides food and household items to over 620 non-profit agencies in the Kansas City area, from homeless shelters to emergency food pantries to children’s homes and more. Getting Involved Last year, Jay Wolfe Honda organized a drive to help Harvesters Community Food Network provide food to those who needed it during the holidays. And with the help of our staff, customers, friends, and the community at large, we were able to more than triple our donation! But that’s really only the first step. There are still a great many hungry families all over the Kansas City area, and a great many shelters and food banks that constantly need supplies. At Jay Wolfe Honda, we’re doing what we can to help Harvesters provide families with the food they need. And you can help too! You can always donate food or money, or volunteer your time to help Harvesters Community Food Network. For more information, visit the Harvesters website and learn what you can do to help put an end to hunger, not just at the holidays, but year round. And to learn more about the food drive we held, and see the bountiful donations raised by you, the community, visit the Jay Wolfe Honda Facebook Page.