Jay Wolfe Honda – Green Beret Foundation

What do you think of when you think of Green Berets? Possibly John Wayne, in the movie of that name, or Barry Sadler, who wrote a ballad about them. Even if you don’t know much about them, you probably know that they’re an elite special force in the U.S. Army, dedicated to protecting our country in ways most others can’t. They put their lives on the line, fighting for freedom, and to preserve our way of life. But what happens when a Green Beret is injured, or needs care? The Green Beret Foundation is dedicated to helping take care of our Green Berets, just as they take care of us. Which is why Jay Wolf Honda is proud to sponsor the Green Beret Foundation. About the Green Beret Foundation If a Green Beret is injured, the first action of the Green Beret Foundation is to send them a check for $1,000, along with any essentials for a temporary hospital stay. That covers their immediate needs. If they need extended care, they can provide additional help, supplementing the basic aid that the Veterans’ Administration provides. They not only take care of them in their hour of need, but, when possible, do what they can to put the Green Beret back on the road to recovery, including treatments like laser nerve therapies, adaptive and recovery equipment, and even hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The Green Beret Foundation also provides support for the families of Green Berets. For those who have died, they help provide funeral costs, and contribute to other needs the family may have. They also provide Reconnect Weekends: respites for Green Berets to relax and spend more time with their families while they’re deployed. And scholarship programs help to provide the resources for the children and dependents of Green Berets to get a good education. Getting Involved In November, Jay Wolfe Honda held a fundraiser to benefit the Green Beret Foundation. We donated $15 from every vehicle we sold, and $1 from every service sale. And with your help, we were able to raise $3,691 for our special forces and their families. But of course, the need is ongoing. If you’d like to donate time, money, or other resources to helping our Green Berets, visit the Green Beret Foundation website and find out what you can do to help. If you’d like to know more about the fundraiser organized by Jay Wolfe Honda to help the foundation, visit our Facebook Page.