Electronic Brake

How to Use Electronic Parking Brake and Brake Hold

What Electronic Parking Brake and Brake Hold Are About

New Honda models are packed with innovative features. Some are for your convenience and others are for your safety. If your Honda car, truck, SUV, or minivan is equipped with Electronic Parking Brake or Brake Hold, it touches on both points! Do you know how to use Electronic Parking Brake, or how Brake Hold operates? Here are the ins and outs of both systems.

How the Electronic Parking Brake Works

Just like any manual parking brake, the Electronic Parking Brake is designed to keep you safely and securely in one spot without rolling forward or backward. And although it is applied by pressing a button, it works very much like a manual parking brake.

To activate the parking brake:

When your Honda is at a stop, simply lift the Electronic Parking Brake button on the console. It’s easy as that. The parking brake will hold your car even if you’re parked on an incline.

To release the parking brake:

Press the brake pedal and press the parking brake button down. Or, if your seatbelt is fastened and your shifter is in gear, you can release the parking brake simply by pressing the accelerator pedal. For cars with a manual transmission, the engine will not start unless the Electronic Parking Brake is engaged. Why not make it a habit to set it whenever you park your car?

How to Use Brake Hold

In stop-and-go traffic, it can get irritating and tiresome to continually hold the brake pedal down. With Brake Hold, you don’t have to anymore! Engaging Brake Hold is extremely easy – just press the Brake Hold button on your console. It’s important to note that you’ll need to press the button every time you cycle the ignition as it resets the feature. Now when you come to a stop, your brakes will hold in place. You can release foot pressure on the brake pedal without worrying about bumping the car ahead of you or creeping through an intersection. When you press the gas again, the brakes will release. To test out a new Honda model with these cool safety and convenience features, head down to Jay Wolfe Honda. Our professional sales team would be happy to help you find the Honda model that suits you best!