How is Your Car Battery Doing?

If you’ve felt that crisp breeze in the early morning and noticed the leaves are starting to turn just a hint of yellow, it means that autumn is on its way. Soon, the trees will be bare and you’ll be bundling up to brave the elements every time you leave the house. But how will your car fare this winter? Is your battery up to the task? Whenever you start your car, it takes a toll on your battery. There’s a large draw of power from its reserve, and that needs to be recharged before you turn your car off again. In cold weather, your engine is harder to turn and the starter requires even more power than usual to fire up the motor. Your battery won’t last forever with all that stress. So what can you do to make sure you aren’t left out in the cold with a car that won’t start?

Pay heed to the warning signs

If your battery is weak, it will usually show symptoms that it’s time to be replaced. You may notice the battery light come on or flicker once in awhile. You may see the headlights or dash lights dim down or flicker. Your engine may crank slower than normal and sound like it might not start. If this sounds like your car, you should get your battery checked before the mercury plummets.

Keep your car battery charged

Short trips suck the life out of a battery. Your engine needs to run for more than a few minutes to replenish the charge, so a quick run to the corner store or a commute that’s less than 5 minutes may not be enough. If this means you, that doesn’t mean you’re going to have battery problems all the time. All you have to do is take your car for a 10-minute drive once a week, or put a trickle charger on it if you’re not going to be driving for more than a week or so.

Have your battery tested

The typical car battery lasts three to five years. After the first year, you should have your battery condition tested every spring and fall to make sure it will keep your car running. And if the test results show your battery is weak or bad, have it replaced with a new one. If you need your Honda’s car battery tested or you need it replaced, trust the service professionals at Jay Wolfe Honda. We’ll verify your battery’s condition and install a new Genuine Honda battery that will keep you going strong.