How is Your Honda’s Suspension Doing This Spring?

Winter takes its toll on everything, and your Honda’s suspension is no exception. Icy ruts on the roads toss your car all over the place. Sometimes, sliding is unavoidable and a curb just happens to be in the way. And when spring takes over from the chilly winter, potholes pop up all over Kansas City.   How has your Honda’s suspension fared? Is it holding up strong or are there little symptoms that might need attentions soon? Here are a few items that might be telling you that your Honda’s suspension needs some work.

Clunking From the Suspension Over Bumps

You can’t avoid every bump on the road. When you drive over a road break, a pothole, or a speed bump, do you hear clunking from the front or rear of your Honda? If you do, you should get it repaired. It could be a loose sway bar link or stabilizer bar bushings. It may also be more serious like a bent or leaking strut or worn ball joint.

Rattling When You Drive

As you drive your Honda down the interstate, a rattling noise can happen over rough surfaces. It’s not normal, though. It indicates wear in a place there shouldn’t be any. It might be those sway bar links again or loose control arm bushings.

Creaking over Bumps

When you drive over exaggerated bumps, a loud groaning or creaking noise may be heard sometimes. This can be simply due to road salt and sand on rubber bushings or on the spring mounts. It can usually be fixed by a good cleaning and lubrication. If it’s not looked after, though, it could cause wear that needs repairs in the future.   If your Honda’s suspension hasn’t handled the winter very well, Jay Wolfe Honda will get you back in order. Visit our factory-trained service specialists to fix up any issues your Honda might have.