Which Honda Services Should the Dealer Do?

When you buy a Honda, you know that it has a reputation as a long-lasting vehicle. It’ll handle whatever you throw at it, even if it’s a little abusive. And keeping it running doesn’t take much. But if you don’t do those few things to maintain your Honda, and do them well, you could find yourself broken down at the side of the road. Maybe there are a few Honda services the dealer should do instead.

Which Honda Services Should You Do at the Dealer?

If you’re serious about keeping your Honda operating at its best, you should count on your Honda dealership’s service department to take care of the critical services.

Timing Belt Replacement

Your timing belt ties together the moving parts in the upper and lower ends. When the timing is right, your engine works efficiently and smoothly. If the timing belt is old, worn, or skips even one tooth, the Check Engine light will come on, your engine will run rough, or it may not run at all. Accurate timing belt replacement on your Honda requires special tools only the dealership has, and it’s always best to use Genuine Honda parts to prevent premature failure. It’s one of the bigger services, so you’d better do it right the first time.

Transmission Fluid Change

Your engine oil gets changed regularly, but it’s not the only part that has a lubricating fluid. The transmission also has fluid that requires replacement, although infrequently compared to the engine oil. When your Honda’s transmission fluid needs to be replaced, have it performed by your Honda dealership. You’ll receive top-quality filters and OEM fluids to make sure your transmission fluid lasts as long the second time around.

Brake Fluid Service

Your Honda services include brake fluid that needs to be changed every three years. It’s hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs water. It’s done on purpose to prevent corrosion on the inside of your brake lines and components. However, it needs to be changed out every few years so that moisture doesn’t end up damaging parts, and to ensure your brakes continue to work every time you press the pedal. Would you trust your car’s safety systems to the bargain repair shop on the corner? If you’re not sure which Honda services your car needs or you require Honda services performed in the Kansas City area, call Jay Wolfe Honda. Our expert service team will walk you through the maintenance recommendations for your Honda to keep it working its best.