What’s Going On With Your Honda’s Air Conditioning?

It’s heating up out there, and your Honda is a refuge. When the temperature climbs into unbearable territory, you hop in your Honda and crank the cold air. But over time, your air conditioning may not feel as cool as it used to. It takes a long time for the air to cool down, or it stinks, or it’s just not pushing air out the vents anymore. Does that mean something is broken or needs repair? What’s going on? It could be simple maintenance, or there may be an issue.

Problem 1: The Air Conditioning Stinks

You probably don’t need major repairs if there’s a bad smell from your vents. Remember, your air conditioning draws moisture out of the air in your car, but condensation forms on the evaporator so it can drain out. That can lead to mold and mildew, and that can really stink badly when you turn on the A/C again. Your Honda dealer, Jay Wolfe Honda, can service your air conditioning to get rid of the stench-causing mildew. It’s a simple treatment and will leave your Honda smelling great after.

Problem 2: There’s no Airflow

Can you hear the interior fan going but there’s no air coming from the vents? If so, it’s likely the cabin air filter that needs to be replaced. It’s a filter element that captures dust, pollen, bugs, and other airborne things, keeping the air in your car clean and breathable. Over time, that cabin air filter collects more stuff than it can handle and becomes restricted or plugged. Once a year, you should replace your cabin air filter to let the air flow freely once again.

Problem 3: Long Cool-Down Time

Even without a leak, your air conditioning’s performance begins to dwindle. It’s normal for your Honda’s A/C system to lose 5 percent efficiency or more every year. Once it’s noticeable, a simple A/C system recharge is all it takes to restore its performance to ice-cold.   It’s possible that your Honda has sprung a leak at one of the seals or elsewhere, and that will require repair from a certified Honda technician. In many cases, though, it’s a simple fix that is both quick and inexpensive. If you’re not cooling off as fast as you should, let Jay Wolfe Honda help out. We’ll diagnose and correct your air conditioning so you can drive comfortably all summer long.