Habits Good Drivers Avoid

Do you consider yourself a good driver? Most of us do. The problem tends to be that most people don’t think that their bad habits and distractions can cause others issues on the road. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, though. Consider these items that good drivers avoid, then ask yourself this question once again: “Am I a good driver?”

Texting and Driving

If you’ve ever tried texting and driving (and most of us have), you know it takes your eye away from the road. It truly is a distraction and is thought to be a contributor of a vast number of avoidable collisions across the world. A good driver won’t let a text message compromise their safety or their passengers’ safety. If you text and drive, or at least don’t think it’s a big deal that you do, you’re probably not as good a driver as you think you are.

Driving Too Close

If the person ahead of you had to slam on their brakes, could you respond quickly enough to avoid an accident? If you can’t, you’re following too close. As a basic driving rule, you should always have enough distance between you and the person in front of you so if they have to emergency brake, you won’t tag their bumper.

Driving Slow in the Left Lane

If only this one was punishable by jail time…It’s not just annoying to faster traffic. It’s dangerous. The left lane is meant for faster traffic, allowing them to pass safely without incident. Slow traffic in the left lane can cause another driver to unnecessarily change lanes or swerve. That can lead to an accident that is avoidable.

Speeding Through the Yellow Light

Goodness, this one makes other safe drivers cringe. When you see the traffic light change from green to yellow, your inclination should be to determine if you can stop. If you lean toward hitting the gas pedal instead of trying to stop, you’re asking to get T-boned by other traffic. When the light turns yellow, let the gas pedal mellow. Or something like that.