Get Ready for Winter Driving

Have you seen the first flakes of snow yet? It might be a crisp fall morning and you just don’t want to admit that winter is almost upon us. But winter driving isn’t far away, and you’d better be ready. Winter driving can test the mettle of the most seasoned of drivers. More so, it can put strain on your car in ways you may never think about. So if you want your car to make it through this snowy, freezing season without any hiccups, you’ll need to pay it a little attention.

Here are just a few ways to get your Honda ready for winter driving.

Make sure your tires are in good shape.

Your tires are the only parts of your Honda that touch the ground – at least they should be or you’ve got bigger issues. For decent traction, make sure you have at least 4/32nds of an inch of tread. An easy test is to turn a penny upside down and insert it in the sipes of your tire. The top of Lincoln’s head should NOT be visible. If it is, you need new tires.

Check your fluids.

All your fluids — the engine coolant, the transmission fluid, the engine oil, brake fluid, even the washer fluid. They should all be full and clean. Top up any fluids that are low, and change out any dirty fluids. Pay special attention to your coolant. It needs to be tested for proper strength to withstand the coldest weather your car will experience. If it’s not sufficient, have it changed as well.

Check your climate controls.

Cycle through all the settings on your climate controls. In particular, your defrost setting needs to function to keep your windows clean and clear. Otherwise, you could find yourself peering through a small scraped spot on your frozen windshield. That’s just not safe. Get any climate control issues fixed, including air conditioning problems. It’s important to your defrost setting too.

Check your remote starter.

Some Honda models come with factory remote starter systems. Ensure yours is working so you can preheat your car before getting into a cold seat. If you don’t have a remote starter, you might want to check into having one installed. And if yours isn’t working, get on it pronto. If you need help getting your Honda ready for winter driving, you’ll find the best team for the job at Jay Wolfe Honda in Kansas City. Our Honda Certified staff will make sure your Honda will get through the cold months trouble-free.