Should You Fix Your Clunker or Ditch It?

You’ve formed a bond with your vehicle. You love everything about it, from the character speed holes in the fenders to the squeaks and rattles when you drive over bumps. Sure, there are features that only work sporadically like the power windows, but you’ve worn the driver’s seat to fit you just right. Best of all, it’s paid off. So now that you’re having a problem with your clunker, it’s a tough choice whether to fix it or get something new.

The argument for fixing your clunker

After so many years of owning the same car, you know how it acts and reacts. You’ve realized all its quirks and it just fits like an old, familiar tee shirt. That familiarity takes time to establish, and if your old car is easily fixed, it might be worthwhile keeping it going for a little longer. You don’t have monthly car payments, so minor repairs here and there can be tolerable. On the other hand, If your clunker needs expensive repairs to stay roadworthy, it may be a good time to retire your ride. Your clunker will increase nearly nothing from repairs you sink into it, so you may want to just cut it loose.

Is it time for a new car?

When you cost of repairs for your clunker start to add up, it can be more affordable to buy a different vehicle. Brand new and certified pre-owned vehicles, even with low monthly payments, won’t need repairs in the foreseeable future. It’s a level of security that your clunker simply can’t provide. You’ll be driving a vehicle where every component works like it should and doesn’t have any quirks to get used to. The fuel efficiency is likely improved and the safety systems and technology are leaps and bounds ahead. On the downside, you’ll have to wear in the driver’s seat again. If your clunker is on its way out or if you’re considering a replacement vehicle, stop in at Jay Wolfe Honda in Kansas City. We’ll help you decide if a new or used Honda is right for you without any pressure. And if you decide you’d like to keep your clunker going a bit longer, our professional service team can fix you up!