Honda in Driveway

How to Use HomeLink in Your New Honda

How HomeLink Works You’ve snagged yourself a fantastic deal on a Honda model – a fun-loving Civic, commuter-friendly Accord Hybrid, tough-as-nails Ridgeline, or some other Honda. And just like you expected, it’s very well equipped. You have Bluetooth, a rear-view camera, a sunroof, plenty of power features, and a bangin’ sound system. But what are

Engine Under Hood

What is the Noise Under My Hood?

What Causes the Noise Under My Hood? Fresh off the car lot or a couple decades old, your Honda will make noises at times that you don’t recognize. It could be something normal, a simple irritation, or a sign of a major problem. But how do you know which noise needs attention and which ones

Honda Radio

How to Find the Honda Radio Code

How to Easily Find Your Honda Radio Code You’ve just changed your Honda’s battery and fire up the engine for the first time. It runs fine, but the interior is eerily silent. Then you notice on the radio four letters: CODE. You haven’t seen that before, but it certainly has something to do with the

Feet on Dash

Is it Safe to Put Your Feet on the Dash?

Is it Safe to Put Your Feet on the Dash? It’s the middle of summer and you’re driving the Overland Parkway. From the driver’s seat, you see someone about to pass you on the left…and the first thing you see are a pair of bare feet. They’re resting their heels on the dashboard, slouching comfortably

Talking in Vehicle

For the Honda Pilot 2019 is a Good Year

For the Honda Pilot, 2019 is a Good Year A compact vehicle isn’t always going to do the trick. It’s especially true if you need room for more than five people or you’re adventures lead you off the beaten path. You need an SUV with more interior space, more versatility, and better capability like the

Car Broke Down

What Happens When I Call Honda Roadside Assistance?

There’s a problem, and you need help. It could be a wide range of problems: your Honda CR-V has a flat tire, your Honda Civic suddenly stalled on the highway, you’ve run out of gas on your way to work, or something else. You know you need to call Honda Roadside Assistance, but what happens

Honda CabinTalk

How Do I Use CabinTalk?

The kids are rambunctious in the backseat. Timmy is pestering Evie – you can see it in the CabinWatch display! But you’re having trouble getting their attention. The Honda Odyssey is incredibly spacious, and your voice gets lost before it has any impact on their little ears. What do you do? You send your voice

The All-New 2019 Honda Passport

Get Your Adventure On! The 2019 Honda Passport is Coming

The New 2019 Honda Passport Arrives Next Year! You’ve seen the teasers and heard the rumors. Let’s make it official. The new 2019 Honda Passport is coming soon to Jay Wolfe Honda! It’s the latest model to be added to the Honda lineup, packed with awesome features and as reliable as any Honda. The Passport

Pack the Pick Up for Harvesters

Pack the Pickup for Harvesters

When you sit down to your Thanksgiving Day feast, what are you thankful for? Of course, you’re thankful for your friends and your crazy family, the incredible spread on the table you’re about to enjoy, the new Honda you have parked in the driveway. But there are people right here in your community that don’t

CR-V Easy Fold Down Rear Seat

How to Use Easy Fold-Down Rear Seats on a Honda CR-V

How to Use Easy Fold-Down Rear Seats on a Honda CR-V You’re at the mall and you found a large vase that you can’t live without. Or maybe it’s artwork from a local art show, or construction materials for a home renovation. Whatever it is, you know it’s not going to fit in the back

The right way to check your tire pressure.

How to Check Your Tire Pressure

How to Check Your Tire Pressure Routine checkups at Jay Wolfe Honda keep your vehicle working trouble-free. But whether you drive a Honda Civic, Ridgeline, Accord, Pilot, or otherwise, there are a few things you need to do on your own between visits to the service department. One of those things you should know is