The All-New 2019 Honda Passport

Get Your Adventure On! The 2019 Honda Passport is Coming

The New 2019 Honda Passport Arrives Next Year! You’ve seen the teasers and heard the rumors. Let’s make it official. The new 2019 Honda Passport is coming soon to Jay Wolfe Honda! It’s the latest model to be added to the Honda lineup, packed with awesome features and as reliable as any Honda. The Passport

Pack the Pick Up for Harvesters

Pack the Pickup for Harvesters

When you sit down to your Thanksgiving Day feast, what are you thankful for? Of course, you’re thankful for your friends and your crazy family, the incredible spread on the table you’re about to enjoy, the new Honda you have parked in the driveway. But there are people right here in your community that don’t

CR-V Easy Fold Down Rear Seat

How to Use Easy Fold-Down Rear Seats on a Honda CR-V

How to Use Easy Fold-Down Rear Seats on a Honda CR-V You’re at the mall and you found a large vase that you can’t live without. Or maybe it’s artwork from a local art show, or construction materials for a home renovation. Whatever it is, you know it’s not going to fit in the back

The right way to check your tire pressure.

How to Check Your Tire Pressure

How to Check Your Tire Pressure Routine checkups at Jay Wolfe Honda keep your vehicle working trouble-free. But whether you drive a Honda Civic, Ridgeline, Accord, Pilot, or otherwise, there are a few things you need to do on your own between visits to the service department. One of those things you should know is

The Refreshed 2019 Honda HR-V

Take a Look at the Refreshed 2019 Honda HR-V

It’s been a popular model for Honda already. The Honda HR-V is a superb example of a crossover with mass appeal. Whether you do a lot of driving around Kansas City or you’re heading out on an adventure beyond city limits, it’s the right crossover for your lifestyle. And this year, the 2019 Honda HR-V

All-New 2019 Honda Pilot

Have You Seen the All-New 2019 Honda Pilot?

The redesigned 2019 Honda Pilot is on the move, arriving at Jay Wolfe Honda. You’ll be amazed at the year-over-year enhancements that have been made! Whether it’s the technology, the capability, or the safety that motivate your vehicle purchase, the 2019 Honda Pilot is going to pique your interest. What’s New for the 2019 Honda

Chances of a loan

Five Ways Overspending Hurts Your Chances of a Loan

Hey, we all like to cut loose a little bit from time to time. Who doesn’t like going out for a nice meal or taking in a concert for your favorite band? And when it comes to furnishing a home, you want things you can take pride in and enjoy. Unfortunately, there’s one thing that

Stuck in a High Interest Car Loan? Here’s What You Can Do

It sucks to pay more than you have to. But in some cases, you put on your big-boy pants and do what’s necessary. That’s usually how people get stuck in a high interest car loan. It’s stuff like spending indiscretions on a credit card from years ago, getting laid off and missing bill due dates,

What Does the Honda Dealership Offer?

You’ve heard great things about Honda. They’re reliable, efficient, and you know firsthand that they look fantastic. From what you see online and on the lot, there’s a Honda model for pretty much everyone – trucks, SUVs, cars, and even a minivan. But if you buy a Honda, what support do you have? What does

2018 Honda Accord and Odyssey Named to Best Family Cars 2018

With a family, driving takes on a whole new purpose. It becomes about getting kids to soccer games and music recitals, attending ‘Mommy and Me’ groups, going to the grocery store…with everyone. And to do that, you need a vehicle you can rely on, and one built specifically for the rigors of the American family.