Honda Wins Most Awarded Brand by KBB

There’s no denying the quality and value you get when you buy a Honda. The ultra-efficient Honda Fit is a class leader for subcompacts. The Honda Civic is one of the coolest and most fun cars to drive. The Honda CR-V is a capable and versatile SUV. It’s no wonder Honda was named the Most […]

Choose From These Cars

Every year, U.S. News and World Report issues their top picks for vehicles with the best quality and value. Consistently, you’ll find Honda models ranking highly in those categories.  Which Models to choose from? If you’re shopping for a new vehicle, you’ll want to take this into consideration. Some cars can save you on future […]

What Is Negative Equity?

You’re dream car was just released! The Honda Civic Type R, the new Honda Accord – whatever it is, it has you super excited to get in the driver’s seat. The trouble is that you just bought a car not too long ago. A vehicle you bought a couple years or a few months ago […]

When Do Honda Brakes Need to Be Changed?

Driving through Kansas City, your Honda Civic’s brakes squeal every time you come to a stop sign. Or slowing down on the freeway, your Honda Odyssey’s steering wheel shakes violently like it’s trying to escape your grip. It might be when you’re attempting to come to a stop with your Honda Ridgeline with a boat […]

Maximize Your Trade In Value With These Tips

Buying a new Honda is fun and exciting. You’re looking at a vehicle with some of the latest features on the market, a brand that emphasizes safety, and has a reputation of being incredibly dependable and efficient. But unless you’re buying your first car, you have a vehicle that you’ll want to include in the […]

Don’t Get Duped by Cars with Flood Damage!

Hurricane Harvey swept into the Houston area in late August 2017, bringing with it day after day of pounding rain. Whole neighborhoods were flooded with several feet of water. An estimated half a million cars were damaged in Hurricane Harvey’s wake. And now, months later, some cars with flood damage are making their way back […]

Is It Safe to Use Cruise Control in the Winter?

When you’re buying a car in today’s automotive market, most vehicles are equipped with cruise control. It’s true for Honda also. Cruise control is a fantastic feature that serves multiple functions: to keep your speed constant as you drive, to reduce fuel consumption by maintaining a consistent throttle position, and to prevent driver fatigue. Cruise […]

Bad Credit Can Happen to Good People

It can happen to anybody. You’ve decided to make a major purchase and you get the bad kind of surprise. The house you want to buy, the new car you’ve chosen, the credit card you’ve applied for: you aren’t approved. You have bad credit. You might not have seen it coming, and it might not […]

Keep Your Honda at its Best with Maintenance Minder

Routine oil and filter changes, tire rotations, and regular multi-point vehicle inspections. Spark plug replacement, fluid changes, and air filter replacement. Your Honda vehicle requires maintenance to keep it working at its best. And to make servicing your Honda as easy as can be, Honda has built new models with the Maintenance Minder system. What […]

How Apple CarPlay Works with Your Honda

Perhaps the most popular smartphone in the world is the Apple iPhone. With fantastic calling, messaging, and connectivity features, it only makes sense that it can integrate with your Honda. It does so with Apple CarPlay. Many Honda models have Apple CarPlay either standard equipment or in an available package. But what can it do? […]

The 2018 North American Car of the Year™ is the Honda Accord

Every year, the Detroit Free Press sorts through all the cars on the market to determine which is the best in each segment. It comes as no surprise that a Honda model tops the list for 2018. It happens to be the 2018 Honda Accord midsize sedan that gets the nod this year, and it’s […]