You Should’ve Had an Air Conditioning Inspection If…

You know how hot it gets in these parts come summertime. It’s sweltering, and you sweat in places you didn’t even know you had. Your Honda, fortunately, has a fantastic air conditioning system, making your vehicle a haven from the summer heat. But is your Honda’s A/C going to work like it should this summer? […]

Looking For the Most Fuel Efficient SUVs? Think Honda

No one likes paying for fuel. It’s one of the least favorite things about vehicle ownership. But unless you drive an electric car, you’re going to find yourself at the gas station occasionally. It used to be that the most fuel-efficient vehicles were small cars – the ones that weren’t roomy enough to fit the […]

Which Honda Models Have All Wheel Drive?

Let’s face it, road conditions aren’t always the best they can be. Whether it’s sun or snow, sleet or wind, you could find yourself in a situation where you could lose traction. Losing traction is never good, especially when you’re in busy traffic. Plus, you don’t want to lose control when you have your family […]

Where Can I Find a Honda Civic for Sale Near Me?

Time for a new car, and the Honda Civic seems like the perfect fit. A constant award winner, it’s MotorWeeks Best Small Car, a Kelley Blue Book 2018 Best Buy Award winner, and obviously looks pretty sweet too. You’ve decided on the car, but how do you find a Honda Civic for sale near me? […]

Looking for Best Retained Value? Think Honda

When you buy a car, you aren’t always thinking about its future value. You can have regret in a few years when it’s time to change cars again, and you discover your vehicle isn’t worth much at all. But smart car shoppers know that one of the best criteria to look at is a car’s […]

A New Hybrid is Coming…the 2019 Honda Insight

At the New York International Auto Show, you’ll see all the hottest new releases, prototypes, concepts, and upcoming models. You’re used to seeing Honda models on full display at the New York Auto SHow, and 2018 is no different. This year’s show featured one of the most anticipated new models to date, the 2019 Honda […]

Does My Honda Really Need an Extended Warranty?

Wherever you drive, you don’t see Honda vehicles parked at the side of the road with their hazard lights on. A major reason people like yourself choose to buy a Honda is because of their reliability. It’s one of the brands that’s most recognized for a low cost of ownership and superb dependability. So, when […]

Are Hondas Reliable?

It’s a question that’s asked by people who are looking for a new car. People searching for a used car might ask it even more: are Hondas reliable? It’s an important question to answer for many reasons. A breakdown is incredibly inconvenient, waiting for help or a tow truck at the side of the road. […]

The Best Honda Oil Change is at the Jay Wolfe Honda

On your way to work, the Service Due Now message pops up on your instrument cluster display. You remember now – a couple weeks ago, the Service Due Soon message came up but you forgot about it. It’s a good thing Honda’s Maintenance Minder System has your back. What you need now is to get […]

Choose From These Cars

Every year, U.S. News and World Report issues their top picks for vehicles with the best quality and value. Consistently, you’ll find Honda models ranking highly in those categories.  Which Models to choose from? If you’re shopping for a new vehicle, you’ll want to take this into consideration. Some cars can save you on future […]

What Is Negative Equity?

You’re dream car was just released! The Honda Civic Type R, the new Honda Accord – whatever it is, it has you super excited to get in the driver’s seat. The trouble is that you just bought a car not too long ago. A vehicle you bought a couple years or a few months ago […]